Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just to let you all know

This is Sarah, I am Natalie's official Blog girl and her favorite person to go to work on Tuesday's to see. (Just kidding Shandi) She as you most likely know is pretty much computer illiterate. So I have set her up this blog and made a post for her. I am determined that once she actually uses it a couple time she will love to blog, considering she love to scrapbook! Anyway, keeping checking in with Natalie see her blogging progress take off!!!! :)

Where to go.....

We want to take a little family trip this weekend and we want to leave Thursday. Since the kids are out of school and it's Easter weekend we want to go somewhere fun and warm for the long weekend. But we just don't know where for sure. We were thinking the sand dunes but we know it will be so crowded and just too crowded to take kids to. So if anyone has any ideas let me know!!! Thanks.